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The RNA Announces New Policy for Political Questions

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Ravinia neighborhood is at times confronted with controversial issues, and the RNA has therefore refined our procedure to determine whether to take a position on such issues. In the interest of transparency into how RNA operates, we’d like you to know about it. ! When such a question emerges, the RNA Board discusses the matter and then votes, electronically if need be, to determine one of three actions:
1) To meet for further discussion and possible action
2) To decide not to take up the issue, or
3) To take action via email, perhaps in the preparation of a statement. !

In the event that the RNA Board votes to meet for discussion and possible action, the outcomes could be:
1) No further action
2) A statement from the Board on the issue, or
3) Canvassing the membership

In the event of a vote to canvas the membership, the RNA Board would advertise a future meeting for discussion, and/or the RNA may conduct an electronic member survey. ! Armed with the perspective of the members, the RNA will then vote on the following:
1) No further action or statement
2) Board action or statement, or
3) RNA membership action or statement.

This process was tested with the recent School District 112 referendum, and we believe it will assist the organization in future issues of concern to our membership. When applied to the 112 referendum, the process resulted in an RNA Board vote to discuss the matter in a special Board session. At that session, the Board voted to canvas the membership as a way to gather additional comment beyond the public meetings the RNA had held over the past year. !

The membership survey produced results that asked us to take a position on the question 63 to 21. Further, the results were 2 to 1 against the referendum (42 to 21) — (which mirrored the actual vote results). From this, the RNA Board voted to take no official position as an organization, as any one position could not fully represent a consensus of our membership and despite the fact that all Board members, as individuals, opposed the referendum. The RNA then released a statement that summarized the survey results and expressed the concerns of our members. !

We believe our new process will best equip the RNA Board to be responsible to its membership on pressing neighborhood issues, and we welcome your input on future issues.