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Rosewood Beach & the Interpretive Center

Thursday, December 06, 2012

The story of how an unwanted facility is being forced upon the tax paying public

In 1988 Highland Park residents voted down an ambitious lakefront plan proposed by the Park District of Highland Park (PDHP). In 2008, Highland Park residents voted down another ambitious lakefront plan proposed by the park district. In 2010, the PDHP prepared yet another lakefront proposal. Their proposed plan presented in 2010 was still ambitious, yet their focus upon a single beach rather than the entire Highland Park lakefront would render the public's opinion on the development inconsequential (or nearly so). This time around, there was no need for a referendum to raise funds. Twenty millions dollars had been amassed within the park district's reserve funds. With this level of cash reserves, the PDHP could cover more than just emergency repairs. By consolidating efforts upon a single beach -- Rosewood Beach -- it was now possible to erect (if not maintain) what the PDHP's executive director confirmed would be a "signature facility", funds in hand, with no need of a referendum or input from the public.  Read More

Open Letter to the Highland Park City Council

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

From The Ravinia Neighbors Association Governing Board

Dear City of Highland Park Council Members,

As the Park District of Highland Park (PDHP) comes before the city commissions and your council seeking accommodation for their proposed Interpretative Center (IC) at Rosewood Beach, we would like to ask that the city heed the wishes of the public, protect Highland Park's only swim beach and protect the safety and well being of the public that uses the swim beach. Though the Park District has chosen to ignore a large majority of those speaking out at public meetings, writing emails and signing petitions, it is our hope that the City Council, having no other agenda but to serve the citizens of Highland Park, will consider the complaints the citizens have against the IC and the ways in which this proposed facility is detrimental to Rosewood Beach. Read More

Open Letter to the Park District Board of Highland Park Illinois

Saturday, June 30, 2012

From The Ravinia Neighbors Association Governing Board

Dear Park District of Highland Park Board Members,

As the PDHP Board approaches their vote regarding proposed Rosewood Beach improvements, the Ravinia Neighbors Association Board, which enthusiastically endorses proposed beach improvements -- other than the Interpretive Center -- would like to present its summary position.  Read More