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Welcome to RNA’s Blog Page which features articles from Ravinia writers. Although articles are chosen in accordance with topics we feel are relevant to Ravinia and of possible interest to our readers, RNA does not necessarily endorse the opinions put forth in the blog posts. If you would like to comment on any articles put forth in the blogs, please use the comment box that follows each post.

Ye Olde Barber Shop

Saturday, June 30, 2012

By Lynne Jungman

The familiar candy stripe barbershop pole proudly identifies Ravinia Barber Shop at 584 Roger Williams Avenue in Ravinia. This shop, now owned by Vince Pisto, was recently awarded a 2012 Business Recognition Award for being part of the Community for over 50 years. Unfortunately, the award was not a replica of the proud pole with the white and red stripe. In the Middle Ages barbers were also surgeons, with red representing that profession, and white the hair trimming. Nevertheless, the handsomely framed certificate of appreciation is in a place of honor in the shop.  Read More

A New Look for an Old House

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

By Lynne Jungman

The Highland Park Historical Preservation Commission selected the house at 501 Burton Avenue for its prestigious award, " best restoration" of an existing home in 2011. Many Ravinia neighbors had watched its transformation from drab to delightful. It presents now an inviting, picture-postcard loveliness. Read More

The Waves Roll in and the Bluffs Reside: The RNA and the Beach

Friday, September 30, 2011

By Lynne Jungman

Maybe nothing reflects the spirit of a person more than a large body of water, except perhaps the ever-changing heavens. Both can be calm and serene, playful and capricious, solemn and gray, thunderously angry and lashing out, sometimes dangerous and destructive: yes, just like us. So we have this wondrous natural gift called Lake Michigan with all its moods. We go to it for meditation, to get solace, to work out a pressing problem, or just for fun and frolic. And for that we don't need an imposing building or year-round edifice. Read More