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The Sanitary Lateral Sewer Lines Issue

excerpted from the
Down the Drain in Highland Park Blog

During 2008-2009, approximately 100 households within the Ravinia neighborhood were contacted by the City to perform required improvements to sanitary sewer laterals. According to the City, individual cracked sanitary lateral lines are being infiltrated by stormwater during peak storm events, causing flooding within the neighborhood. In many cases, improvement costs are estimated at $8,000 - $10,000 per household. Although not all of the Ravinia neighbors have been contacted, according to the City's approved Master Plan, additional residences will be contacted in the future: Ravinia Neighborhood Proposed Sewer Improvments Map. The City held public meetings in 2008 in which neighbors' questions remained unanswered. After a petition was signed and submitted in 2008, the City put the program on temporary hold. With the upcoming Mayoral elections, the neighborhood is interested in hearing from the candidates how this issue will be addressed in coming years. Keep up to date on this issue by reading the Down the Drain in Highland Park blog.