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Monday, February 11, 2019

The City is working with a consultant team to develop engineering and streetscape design documents for the Ravinia Business District. The project will further the concepts presented in the 2012 Streetscape Design & Identity Plan and findings from the Strand Associates’ 2012 Utility Adequacy Study. The project includes the next phase of design work that will identify specific installation locations and provide detailed cost estimates for a final streetscape plan for the District. 

Based on a year-long public outreach initiative that included input provided by residents, stakeholders, the Ravinia Neighbors Association, and members of the Ravinia Business District Association, pedestrian and roadway lights were chosen. The proposed designs will illuminate Roger Williams Avenue, providing warm, consistent, “dark-skies”-approved fixtures to help both pedestrians and drivers navigate the business district.

The project team is busy fine-tuning the lighting documents so that fixtures can be installed in 2019.

The goals of the project are to:

• Upgrade the Roger Williams Avenue corridor to leverage additional private investment in the district and elevate the Ravinia Business District into a vibrant, modern mixed-use neighborhood;
• Stimulate additional reinvestment and growth in the area;
• Enhance the quality-of-life for the adjacent residential neighborhood;
• Further establish the district as a destination for pedestrians and cyclists; and
• Provide a streetscape infrastructure that offers a connected, welcoming business district to visitors. 

To view lighting images and diagrams, click here.