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Ravinia Brewing Company

582 Roger Williams Avenue
Highland Park, IL 60035

Phone: 847-780-8127


Andy makes great beer.  Kris and Brian tried... they failed.  They like drinking Andy's beer - a lot.  One perfect night in Ravinia, these three men made a pact.  They would build a brewery!  It would become a community gathering place for neighbors, families, and beer lovers of all shapes and sizes... and the beer would be glorious!  

Now innovative craft beer built from the finest ingredients and born out of the magical world of Ravinia is available to all, and the world is well. Try it.  Seriously!  Non-pretentious beer for all... it's no longer just a dream!


Community.  People are social beings, and we take pride in adding friendly, local gathering places into communities to bring people together to tell their stories.  Stories are important.  It is through these connections and moments of togetherness that we also seek out the means and opportunity to give back to others in times of need.  

Creation.  Creation is one of the most enjoyable parts of life - and we believe that the opportunity to dream and create is not something that should be taken for granted.  Our favorite beers may be around for a long time... but in seeking out something new and exciting we hope to truly find greatness (and great beer!)

Craft.  The Ravinia community originated as an Artisan's community, and it is through this inspiration that we place our craft at the center of our efforts.  Our brewers take pride in sourcing local ingredients, striving for fresh and natural products, and adhering to quality products and standards that reflect the spirit of those many Artists that have inspired us over the years!