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September 2019 RNA Board Meeting

Meeting Notes – Tuesday, September 10th, 2019

  • Governing Board Attendees
    • Brett Tolpin – presiding
    • Mike Babian
    • Katie Alland
    • Board Members at Large
      • Justin Kee
      • Ed Kugler
      • Jeff Stern
      • Jeff Levin
      • Paul Silverman (on the phone)
      • Absent
        • Mike Stroz
        • Doug Purington
        • Guest Attendees
          • Arthur Feldman
          • Nancy Funk
          • Elliott Miller
          • Peggy Laemle
          • Jeff Cohen
  1. 7:04pm – Call to Order
  2. Brett Tolpin – President’s Report
  3. Resident’s Time
    1. Jens Jensen issues

                                                              i.      Elliott reports that someone has planted dogwood shrubs which are now overgrown and obscuring the memorial and pond.  They are inappropriate because they will continue to grow up to 10’ high, 10’ wide unless trimmed, which Jensen did not want in his original vision.  Elliott has a report that details all of this to the city.

                                                             ii.      Also, the issue of the pond, which looks completely stagnant and putrid.

                                                           iii.      Letter to the city: Paul still waiting on edits from RNA, he is resending ASAP for any last commentary.

                                                           iv.      As a next step, Paul will approach the HP Park District for a walk through and solutions.

                                                             v.      Also issue of Ravinia Train Station floor getting scraped up from music equipment.  Carolyn Hirsch is aware of the issue.

  1. Parking issue – Jeff Levin’s neighbors getting tickets for parking opposite a driveway.  Looking for clarification on whether this is a city ordinance.
  2. Fire Station Expansion – Firemen report needing more space, potential for building in Brown Park across the street from current station.  RNA will keep an eye on this issue.
  3. Ravinia Brewing – Hearing next Tuesday at 7:30pm, City Hall
  4. Landlord (Beale Property) of apartments above Joy Cleaners is not renewing leases; planning on remodeling, concept unknown
  5. Michael B. – Treasurer’s Report
    1. Activity

                                                              i.      Checking Balance $6,049.41

                                                             ii.      CD Balance $5,484.57

                                                           iii.      Transfer from PayPal (as of today): $67.37

                                                           iv.      Total Balance $11,601.35

                                                             v.      Payments issued over $0

  1. Report from the City (Drew Awsumb via email)
    1. Street Lights:

                                                              i.      Construction project webpage is still the best source of information. And the project is on schedule:

                                                             ii.      Conduit installation is 90% complete; starting Monday, 9/16, contractor will begin hydro-excavation (precise holes, little mess); starting Wednesday, 9/18 light pole bases will begin to be installed

                                                           iii.      Any questions, contact the Resident Engineer, Ted Ward, at 847-722-4043 or

  1. Al Klairmont project:

                                                              i.      Demolition started Monday, 9/9

  1. Previous Action Items
    1. Status of Survey Monkey – Need a larger conversation around which platform to use going forward
    2. Status of New Park Benches for Train Station – No update
    3. Email Voting Process – Need to establish process on the following:

                                                              i.      Guardrails around what is urgent enough to vote on between meetings vs. waiting

                                                             ii.      If we are aligned to 24-hour response rates once a motion is set forth

                                                           iii.      Follow-up from July meeting: Mike S. will document how we call for an internet vote

                                                           iv.      Issue will be discussed at next meeting when all Board Members present (Nov.)

  1. Food Truck Thursday raffle – Mike B. and Ed will draw the name tomorrow, 9/11 at the Farmer’s Market, and contact the person to ask them to come to Food Truck Thursday for a photo and to claim their prize.  Noah will announce the winner on Thursday.
  2. Bumpy rail crossing at Roger Williams – Jeff L. heard back from Carolyn who said: Union Pacific said the Roger Williams crossing is not scheduled for a rehabilitation, but they will take a look to inspect for potholes or loose crossing pads and repair as needed.
  3. New Business
    1. Replacement for Recording Secretary – Everyone will think about replacement ideas
    2. November Newsletter

                                                              i.      Previous content topics…

  1. Katie Alland interviewing Derek Smith of Hub & Spoke – DONE
  2. Jeff Stern interviewing Arthur Feldman – DONE
  3. Jeanne to include small box of all new businesses that have opened (Ukulele shop, Dana Reed designs, Hub & Spoke, Alchemy and Cloth, etc.)
  4. Update on Al Klairmont project – MIKE B. VOLUNTEERED TO WRITE UP
  5. Elliott Miller series on Jens Jensen Park – JEANNE TO GET ARTICLE FROM ELLIOTT
  6. Photo of winner of Cubs tickets
  7. 8:19pm – Adjournment
    1. Next Meeting: THURSDAY, October 3rd, 2019 7pm, @ Jeff Cohen Photography