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October 2017 RNA Board Meeting

1.       Notes from RNA board meeting October 5, 2017, called to order at 7:03. Board members present: Justin Kee, Mike Stroz, Doug Purington, Michael Babian, Dan Baigelman, Amy Lohmolder, Jeff Stern. Board members absent: Carolyn Cerf (without notice) and Brett Tolpin (with notice). A quorum was present.

2.       President Report:

2.1.    Justin is taking over the newsletter on a temporary basis. The Board members need to think about submitting articles for next newsletter.

2.2.    He has met with Jeannie to start the transition.

2.3.    One idea is to have a a redo of a previous article from a past newsletter. Or perhaps something could come from the library archives? Elliott Miller might have ideas from the archives.

2.4.    Justin will send us a Nations Builders demo link.  We could save money over our current expenses for Constant Contact, web hosting, etc and simplify membership management by use of Nation’s Builder.

2.5.    Mike S suggested that Justin write a letter to Ravinia Festival thanking them for their contribution which was 4 tickets to Smokey Robinson and a picnic basket. This contribution helped us get approximately two dozen new and renewing Members. Alison Goldsmith won the raffle prize.

3.       Treasurer’s report:

3.1.    Reporting on over $50.00 expenditures:

3.1.1. Check to Historical Ravinia - $1000

3.1.2. Check to State Farm Insurance - $475 for liability insurance

3.2.     Account Balances:

3.2.1. Checking account $6532

3.2.2. CD $5283

3.2.3. PayPal balance $67

3.2.4. Total $11,882

3.3.    Carolyn Cerf is still owed reimbursement for expenditures are approximate $800 for about two years of Constant Contact billing that were put on her credit card.  However our credit card is now on file with Constant Contact so this hidden expense has been ended. Doug has password for Constant Contact, and of course if we move to Nation’s Builder we will save money.

4.       Publicity/Membership/Business District Update from Doug:

4.1.    Membership

4.1.1. Membership unchanged.

4.1.2. Dan and Rhoda Pierce renewed.

4.1.3. 51 households did not renew. Why are they not renewing, perhaps we should contact and ask? In 2016, 27 households did not renew.

4.2.    When Doug request any items for the next month agenda, please respond, even if you have nothing.

4.3.    Newsletter ads – start work on ads for winter newsletter. Nine are definite. Deadline of October 31 for ads and content. Target newsletter for around Thanksgiving.

4.4.    Coffee Shop has changed ownership. Now Hansa Coffee, bought Ravinia Station from Jonathan.

4.5.    We will use Facebook to support Ravinia Business District.

4.6.    Update on Plan and Design Commission: Whittey & Ravinia Brewing.              A bit of redesigning going on as a wall dividing Whittey’s and The Brewing operation was not load bearing and has been removed and they will now share a kitchen.              Commission voted 6-0 to approve changes except for two wall sized murals facing Walgreens that still need to be voted on.              Projected opening date for both operations is March 1, 2018

4.7.    Mike S asks if there was a presence at the recent Historical Ravinia event at Braeside. There was no table, so no new members, hopefully this will be rectified for future events.

5.       Discussion of RNA working with the Ravinia Farmer’s Market. Ed Kugler

5.1.    There have been 21 weeks of the Farmer’s Market, and attendance and participation have improved each week.

5.2.    Ravinia Farmer’s Market needs to be sponsored by a non profit organization in order to get maximum support from City and RBDA. They won’t give the same support to a for profit organization. The City does not want to support two Farmer’s Markets but if both were run by nonprofits perhaps we could get some City support, especially in the way of banners, signs and printed material.

5.3.    Proposal: RNA becomes the official sponsor of the Ravinia Farmer’s Market.

5.3.1. RNA fills out the paperwork and the name on the City Permit would be RNA.

5.3.2. RNA can hire Ed Kugler to run the operation.  Ed would join the RNA Board.

5.3.3. Vendors would register to the RNA with Ed facilitating. Each vendor would give RNA the money and insurance info.

5.3.4. RNA would pay Ed and Ed’s company would be the operating partner. Currently the farmers and vendors pay approximately $195 for the season, in the past it was about $110. This amount is contemplated in the future or perhaps just a bit more.

5.3.5. Ed states that we could add another five booths before we run out of Dean Street, but we could rent the Park from the Park District for $70 if necessary.

5.3.6. Ed wants to involve local merchants, perhaps having two additional tents, one for a guest merchant tent (rotates between local merchants, perhaps on a weekly basis) and a second tent as a welcome tent which will  have info on the RNA and we can staff if desired.  

5.3.7. S Ed would like the RNA and other sponsors to create a cloth bag as a goodwill give away. This should be investigated.

5.3.8. Other action items:              Will this affect our 503c status?              Does the RNA have the proper insurance?              Can we get City support if we hire Taste Marketing (Ed’s company) to do everything?              Timeframe?                     Application due in March but much too late.                     November or December to start soliciting                     January or February to lock vendors in.              Action Items:                     Legal Review – Mike Babian with Cathern Vandberg                     Insurance Review – Mike Babian                     RBDA & City Outreach - Mike Stroz              Amy ask if this is covered in the RNA Mission statement. It is ber a reading from Doug. A straw vote is taken showing overwhelming Board Approval (noe vote is not binding).              It is proposed that the RNA attempt a trial of one year of being the non profit sponsor of the Ravinia Farmers’ Market.

6.       Filling Open Board Positions

6.1.    We are short a Secretary and at least one at large Board Member.

6.2.    Additionally one Board member has been absent for four months without providing any explanation of their absence

6.3.    Board Members are expected to attend monthly meetings and contribute their individual resources to help the RNA.

6.4.    Members of the Board have reached out to the individual Board Member with no response.

6.5.    While this issue will be tabled for now, it will be discussed in our next meeting.

6.6.    Various RNA members are discussed as potential Board Members.

6.7.    Justin, Jeff Mike B and Mike S will approach various members to see if there is interest in their serving on the Board.

7.       Historical Ravinia Update

7.1.    September was Braeside.

7.2.    Went well but sparslely attended.

7.3.    Next event October 22 1:00 to 4:00

7.4.    Doug will work at promoting via Facebook presence including boosting with 3 different buys.

7.5.    Mike S suggest the use of Constant Contact to remind those that are not on Facebook.

8.       Holiday Neighbors Night Out

8.1.    The Board at the instigation of Mike B would like to have an event in December for the entire RNA membership.

8.2.    Mike B will check with Jeff Cohn to see if his space could be made available.

8.3.    Perhaps we could do something to commerate  Hugh Hefner. There is a connection between Jeff and Hugh.

8.4.    Proposed date is December 14 from 6:00 to 9:00. Mike B to coordinate.

8.5.    Children’s hour from 6:00 to 7:00. Will Santa be there? Mike S to work on.

8.6.    Have Food donate by merchants and some beverages (child and adult). RNA contribution.

9.       Other Business

9.1.    Amy discusses Ravinia School Alumni Remembrance event – low key.

9.2.    Library  150 year anniversary. RNA should have a presence in the booklet. Amy will liaison with Committee to get a RNA presence in the 150 anniversary celebration.

10.   Adjournment at 9:05 PM.