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October 2016 RNA Board Meeting


Ravinia Neighbors Association Board Workshop Meeting
Thursday, October 6, 2016

Lisa Temkin & Laura Saret called the meeting to order at 7:08 P.M. at Full Circle Architects

In Attendance:

Lisa Temkin, Laura Saret, Dan Baigelman, Jeff Stern, Doug Purington, Jeanne Vella, Carolyn Cerf, Amy Lohmolder, Jean Meier, Carla Arnell.

We opened with introductions, particularly to acquaint group with new member, Carla, invited by Lisa and Laura in hopes she might help with RNA.  Carla spoke of her professional experience, involvement in volunteer and governance efforts and belief in small community and service to community.

Recent Harvest & Harmony event and RNA participation was discussed. Twenty-one (21) new members were added and 7 renewals. A drawing was held from those who entered (members incl. those who just joined/renewed). Tom Brooks won the Lego “Dubai” building. Bev Zadikoff won the Lego Eiffel Tower.  Lisa will contact them.

Lisa and Laura met with Ilyse (Ripple PR), Ghida (city manager of HP) and business owners Joe Palminteri and Chris Walker about two weeks ago. Spending of TIF and SSA (Special Service Area) monies was discussed along with general desire that RNA’s community input be heard. RNA member and business owner, Joe Palminteri spoke to concerns that money was going towards (Ripple) festivals that did not ultimately benefit Ravinia businesses. Better street lighting has been desired for the entire time he has had his business in Ravinia, over 30 years, yet the special assessment on his property is not providing this either. The new signs are seen as a bad investment by Amy who feels we should inquire regarding the fact that they are significantly overpriced.($280,000 for 16 signs, 9 of which are simple street signs. Signs do not match or even compliment current parking signage.) Lisa fears that bringing this up will not result in positive action or outcome. Dan suggested that involving property and/or business owners might help give weight to the discussions with the city. It was noted that safety issues tend to be better received. Lisa will contact Al Klairmont and Joe Palminteri in hopes of building synergy and getting a discussion going that will be heard. We hope to get more response to concerns and a “can do” attitude when presenting concerns and ideas. We also hope that city will seek to engage more business owners in economic development efforts  as RNA does not consider the present average of six business owners at economic development meetings to be a great turnout. We will invite council people Dan Kaufman and Kim Stone to business district discussion. The vulnerability of Ravinia School in relation to the business district is another point to discuss. In fact, the party working to open the micro-brewery in the coming year has stated he will not open if Ravinia School is closed.

Ravinia School and NSSD112 process was discussed. Turnover of board is thought to be likely at April elections, but not in time to keep current board from slowing progress of 2.0 configuration team and cementing closings prior to elections. Davis’ emailed his report:

 *The BOE has signaled that they are unlikely to consider any ballot referendum for April 2017. They have told 2.0 to slow down.

*BDR3 is happening unless the change their collective mind.

*Therefor, Ravinia will close at the end of this academic year.

*New Boundaries have been released, and various parts of town have issues.

*The Financial analysis done by 2.0's finance committee with the 112 CFOs suggests that BDR3 can be postponed or less building can be closed.

*Many feel that 2.0 needs space to accomplish its work.

*Community members with concerns need to speak out on the issue if they want to be heard. No one should think 2.0 can "save the day".

A meeting of the school board on Saturday will have a time for public comment.

Carolyn announced city’s 10/26 business summit taking place at Rec.Center for those who are able to attend during the day.

A treasury report email from Mike was read. $358.37 from PayPal will be put into checking. Current checking account balance is $6,832.04. The CD balance is $5,245.53. New total of all money is $12,435.94.

This coming weekend’s “Historic Ravinia” event was discussed. Dan said we need to clarify if Mike’s totals include approximately $500 in sponsorship money obtained for the event. There will be an auction of a playhouse and two dog houses  that is hoped to bring in more funds to seed next years (possible/ probable) event. Opening bid for items is to be $100 with bids accepted at $25.  Davis has been retained for trolley docent again along with Jason from city. Dan expressed need for more help. Jean Meier committed and posters were distributed for all to help put up/ promote. 

Doug gave membership report. He keeps list of 532 historical member households. Currently we have 210 household and an 80% increase in email contacts to 314. Doug will be turning over $1500 from the 21 new members and 7 renewals since last meeting. He sold 4 ads for newsletter ($570) and received a donation ($250) which is not included in Mikes totals.

Doug is working to keep website fresh.

Doug reported on business district happenings. Shelton’s has sold but so far nothing is known about the new owner and what they will be doing with the space. Paw Parlour will be the new occupant of the old Piero’s space. They will open in November of 2016 and offer dog grooming as well as retail items for dogs. 

Doug and Jeannie are working on fall newsletter with deadline pushed back a few days so as to incorporate report of Historic Ravinia.  Laura suggested a piece about how many generations Ravinia residents have lived here. A short blurb could question readers regarding what type of events members want. More content is needed and helpful as Jeannie tries to layout. What does not fit this time can get used later.

Thanksgiving event was enjoyable for those who went last year, but will not occur this year due to low attendance. Jean suggested that the something be scheduled for late winter when people have more time and doldrums have set in.

RNA Meeting needs include more chairs. Amy will look into specification of library’s stacking chairs that don’t take up much space and can be rolled on stacking platform. More than one (or two) people should have access to important account information. Carolyn will create secure list of accounts, login and passwords. Snacks can be dropped off at Dan’s office so that he is not supplying all snacks.

Motion was made by Laura to extend RNA board seat to Carla Arnell. Doug seconded. Motion carried.  

Motion was made by Laura to adjourn. Doug seconded. Motion carried (approx. 9:00)

Respectfully submitted, Amy Lohmolder, Secy.