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November 2019 RNA Board Meeting

Ravinia Neighbors Association

Thursday, November 7, 2019           Home of Ed Kugler, 1104 Ridge

Present were Doug Purington, presiding in place of Mike Stroz; Mike Babian, Ed Kugler and Jeff Stern. Also in attendance was guest Ben Johnson

The meeting was called to order by Doug Purington at 7:07 p.m.

Providing the President’s Report, Purington said Drew Awsumb, from the City, had intended to provide an update on the street lighting project in the Business District, but had taken ill. Purington talked about the progress that had been made, and said the project was expected to be completed in December.

Purington discussed articles planned for the next newsletter and said there was sufficient copy and ads for a 16-page edition. A November 15 deadline was set for ads that needed to be re-submitted due to cancellation of the previous edition.

Mike Babian was to provide a cover story on groundbreaking for the Klairmont project on Roger Williams, which Purington, Jeff Levin and Jeff Stern had attended, and where Stern had taken pictures. Awsumb was expected to provide material for an article on the street lighting project.

Purington said Mike Stroz’ daughter Kimberly had agreed to be temporary editor of the newsletter. She would work from her home in Santa Monica, CA, and would have wide discretion on format and other aspects of the process subject to final approval by Purington. She was to receive $150 to $200 for her efforts in putting out each edition.

In his Treasurer’s Report, Babian said there was $5,479.10 in the checking account, $5,501.60 in a CD, and $33.68 from PayPal for a total of $11,014.38. Purington said he had collected an additional $240 for six new memberships and three renewals. Babian said an annual insurance charge of $475 could be expected soon from State Farm.   

In his Membership Report, Purington said RNA had about 600 members and included some 200 households. He had 333 e-mail addresses for communicating with members.

Noting that the new Hub and Spoke Provisions in the former Shelton’s had changed operating hours, Purington said they now plan to stay open throughout the day & offer brunch on Sundays and would be closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. Those present said they had a favorable impression of the food and service there.

Regarding a recent survey for the Farmers’ Market, Ed Kugler reported 117 responses, representing about one third of those contacted. He sees a need for an evening market, which would seem to fit well with Food Truck Thursdays because the early hours of the current Wednesday market (7a.m. to 1p.m.) were not attracting that many customers. The most popular items selling there were fruit, cheese, bread, produce and flowers.

In the future, Kugler would like to bring vendors in on a part-time basis so changes in the offerings would encourage customers to return more often. He is also considering having caterers produce meals from what the vendors are selling and ending the market season in the first week of October rather than the last week.  

Purington stressed the need for a protocol on how best to communicate about important issues RNA might want to bring up between meetings. He also brought up the need to find someone to serve as Recording Secretary, since the position was currently being filled on a temporary basis.

In his report on the Ravinia Station, Jeff Stern said he received a call from a source at Metra that they were trying to find benches that would fit in with the historic design of the station while providing the comfort expected by passengers awaiting trains. He also  heard from the City Forester, who said there would be funding in next year’s budget to provide new landscaping around the station, which hadn’t been upgraded in 30 years.

Purington said he learned that the new fire station proposed for Ravinia would be built on the same site as the current one but would be larger and front closer to Burton Avenue. Final design would be completed next year, with construction in 2022.

There being no further business, the meeting was closed at 7:32 p.m.