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November 2017 RNA Board Meeting

1.       Notes from RNA board meeting November 2, 2017, called to order at 7:03. Board members present: Mike Stroz, Doug Purington, Michael Babian, Brett Tolpin , Amy Lohmolder, Jeff Stern. Board members absent: Carolyn Cerf (without notice) and Dan Baigelman Justin Kee, (both with notice). A quorum was present. The RNA thanks Design Quartet for hosting our November meeting

2.       President Report: (given by Mike Stroz with Justin absent)

2.1.    Justin is taking over the newsletter on a temporary basis. He is looking for content so Board members need to think about submitting articles for next newsletter.

2.2.    With schools closing their will be new boundaries, perhaps Lisa Hirsh could write something, Mike Stroz will approach, note: I was unsuccessful.

2.3.    Perhaps an article about the recent crime at the nail salon, and what to do if a situation like that arises.

3.       Treasurer’s report by Mike Babian:

3.1.    Reporting on over $50.00 expenditures:

3.1.1. Check to Doug Purington for $192 for recent Facebook boosts.

3.2.    Account Balances:

3.2.1. Checking account $6621

3.2.2. CD $5288

3.2.3. Total $11,909

4.       Publicity/Membership/Business District Update from Doug:

4.1.    Membership

4.1.1. Membership unchanged. About 50 who have not renewed.

4.2.    Newsletter

4.2.1. Content need urgently.

4.2.2. Ads – have started soliciting ads for winter newsletter. Nine are leftover with 6 new ads. 6.25 pages of ads so cost of newsletter is covered.

4.3.    Business update:

4.4.    Whittey & Ravinia Brewing now plan on opening in early March.              A bit of redesigning going on as a wall dividing Whittey’s and The Brewing operation was not load bearing and has been removed and they will now share a kitchen.              Commission voted 6-0 to approve changes except for two wall sized murals facing Walgreens that still need to be voted on.              Projected opening date for both operations is March 1, 2018

4.5.    Mike S asks if there was a presence at the recent Historical Ravinia event at Braeside. There was no table, so no new members, hopefully this will be rectified for future events.

5.       Vote for Board Member at Large Replacement

5.1.    Replacement for Carolyn Cerf as she has missed 5 meeting without notice and has been unresponsive to repeated email.

5.2.    In her place the Board has recruited and she has agreed to serve, Jean Meier who has played a role in supporting the RNA in the past.

5.3.    Doug makes a motion to remove Carolyn, Brett seconds, vote is 6 to 0.

5.4.    Mike Babian makes a motion to add Jean to the RNA Board member at large, Doug seconds, vote is 6 to 0.

5.5.    We welcome Jean and express our thanks to Carolyn for her past contributions.

6.       Presentation by group working with Curt’s (cultivating unique restaurant training) Café

6.1.    Helps youth in crisis. Planning on opening a café in downtown Highland Park next year.

6.2.    Volunteers working to make this a reality would like RNA’s support.

6.3.    Would like RNA contribution as $250,000 needs to be raised (much has already been  but more importantly they want RNA us to communicate to our members educate and advocate the benefits of Curt’s Café.

6.4.    Doug suggests that we might want to use RNA Facebook to promote.

6.5.    Discussion ensues that perhaps we might want to have an article written or a free ad.

6.6.    Doug make a motion to support Curt’s Café in an informative but non-monetary method. However, motion is not seconded and no vote occurs.

6.7.    Consensus is we want to be supportive but are concerned if something negative happens.  A poll is suggested but since Curt’s Café is not within our geographical area this may not make sense.

6.8.    Justin to contact Andy about content for a newsletter article. Andy Amend and/or Rich Amend

7.       Discussion: Holiday Night Out Event – December 14

7.1.    The Board at the instigation of Mike B would like to have an event in December for the entire RNA membership.

7.2.    Jeff Cohen has said is space is available, Thursday, Dec 14 6:00 to 9:00. Theme is Hippy Holiday, a 60’s Holiday Party.

7.3.    A separate Children Photography session will be held on Saturday morning, Dec 16 at Jeff Cohen with Santa.

7.4.    There will be Drawings and Prizes (Gift Certificates & Baskets). Mike B to coordinate.

7.5.    Expected attendance 50 to 75

7.6.    There will be Beer and Wine and Food. As much as possible donated by the merchants. RNA contribution, if needed.

7.7.    Tables could be made available by Design Quartet.

7.8.    Contest for best Costume?

7.9.    Amy and Mike B to come up with signs and tag lines.

8.       Discussion of RNA working with the Ravinia Farmer’s Market. Ed Kugler

8.1.    Ravinia Farmer’s Market needs to be sponsored by a non profit organization in order to get maximum support from City and RBDA. They won’t give the same support to a for profit organization. The City does not want to support two Farmer’s Markets but if both were run by nonprofits perhaps we could get some City support, especially in the way of banners, signs and printed material.

8.2.    Mike B, Contacted lawyer, no issue with us as the entity “apply to run the Farmer’s Market’ , even with our 503c status. Attorney will attend next meeting.

8.3.    Application needs be submitted in January.

8.4.    Proposal: RNA becomes the official sponsor of the Ravinia Farmer’s Market.

8.4.1. RNA fills out the paperwork and the name on the City Permit would be RNA.

8.4.2. RNA can hire Ed Kugler to run the operation.  Ed would join the RNA Board.

8.4.3. Vendors would register to the RNA with Ed facilitating. Each vendor would give RNA the money and insurance info.

8.4.4. RNA would pay Ed and Ed’s company would be the operating partner. Currently the farmers and vendors pay approximately $195 for the season, in the past it was about $110. This amount is contemplated in the future or perhaps just a bit more.

8.4.5. Ed would like the RNA and other sponsors to create a cloth bag as a goodwill give away. This should be investigated.

8.4.6. It is proposed that the RNA attempt a trial of one year of being the non profit sponsor of the Ravinia Farmers’ Market.

8.4.7. A vote on this is expected at the Dec 7th Meeting

9.       Transition to Nation Builder – This issue was tabled until December meeting

10.   Historic Ravinia Update – This issue was tabled until December meeting.

11.   Other Business

11.1.Jeff Stern has copies of minutes from previois years and would like the RNA to file them somewhere.

12.   Adjournment at 8:48 PM.