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May 2019 RNA Board Meeting


Meeting Notes – Thursday, May 2nd, 2019

  • Governing Board Attendees
    • Justin Kee – presiding
    • Doug Purington
    • Katie Alland
    • Board Members at Large
      • Dan Baigelman
      • Ed Kugler
      • Jeff Stern
      • Absent – all excused
        • Mike Stroz
        • Mike Babian
        • Brett Tolpin
        • Jean Meier
        • Guest Attendees
          • Jeff Levin;
          • Kirk Samson;
  1. 7:05pm – Call to Order
  2. Justin Kee – President’s Report
    1. Motion (Justin) to have vote for elections on May 30th, 2019; seconded (Doug); PASSED
    2. Michael B. – Treasurer’s Report
      1. Starting in June Jeff Cohen said we could meet at his location going forward. Will have to inform him of the dates we plan to meet.  We may want to consider/discuss purchasing some extra folding chairs and folding tables to keep at Jeff’s office.
      2. Activity

                                                              i.      Checking Balance $5,312.73

                                                             ii.      CD Balance $5,444.33

                                                           iii.      Transfer from PayPal: $361.42

                                                           iv.      Total Balance $11,118.48

                                                             v.      Payments issued over $50

  1. Doug Purington – Reimburse for postage Spring Newsletter $260.00
  2. Kens Quick Print – For Spring 2019 Newsletter $1,326.90
  3. Doug Purington – Publicity/Membership Report
    1. Email went out to remind people to renew memberships, and to previous members to ask to join back in
    2. 7 PayPal renewals already, accounting for $305
    3. Al Klairmont development is a GO; goal still to be done by April 2020
    4. Spring Newsletter has been mailed as of April 30th!  200 sent out/distributed
    5. Hub & Spoke Provisions to open first week in August
    6. Ukulele (Aloha City Ukes) store has also opened
    7. Update from Drew Awsumb: City Council Agenda is Monday, May 13th with street light project on the agenda.  The group would like clarification on when and how the lights will be turned on and off (i.e. set times, dusk/dawn initiated…)
    8. Space across from Walgreens: too early to tell what the plans are
    9. Ed Kugler – Ravinia Farmers Market
      1. No longer pursuing a Thursday evening farmers market in 2019
      2. Survey will go out via Survey Monkey to understand interest and support for 2020
      3. Suggestion from Dan Baigelman to cluster all questions re: Thursday night market together at the end, after we ask about the current market
      4. Status: July 4th Parade Application
        1. Justin confirming with Mike S. that July 4th application has been submitted
        2. Question: Repeat Neighborhood Garage Sale…?
          1. Doug will reply and ask if Kelly Francesca (or Sue) is willing to lead this year or next year
          2. Discussion on RNA Support for New Train Station Benches
            1. Motion (Doug) to have Jeff continue to pursue options for wooden benches; seconded (Justin); PASSED
            2. Once a bench is procured, RNA may donate the dollars to purchase a bench with a plaque
            3. Other Business/Additional Comments or Concerns from Members and/or Residents
              1. Doug Purington will be out of town May 12th – 28th, but will be checking email
              2. As a reminder, we adjusted July and August Board Meetings to: July 11th and August 8th
              3. 7:51pm – Adjournment
                1. Next Board Meeting: June 6th, 2019 @ TBD location