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July 2019 RNA Board Meeting

Meeting Notes – Tuesday, July 9th, 2019

  • Governing Board Attendees
    • Mike Stroz – presiding
    • Doug Purington
    • Mike Babian
    • Katie Alland
    • Board Members at Large
      • Ed Kugler
      • Jeff Stern
      • Jeff Levin
      • Paul Silverman
      • Absent
        • Justin Kee
        • Brett Tolpin
        • Guest Attendees
          • Neil Fortunato;
          • Noah Plotkin;
          • Hal & Julie Malen;
  1. 7:17pm – Call to Order
  2. Mike Stroz – President’s Report
    1. Ask to please be prepared to follow up on things that you commit to in previous meetings
    2. Michael B. – Treasurer’s Report
      1. Activity

                                                              i.      Checking Balance $4,925.15

                                                             ii.      CD Balance $5,465.58

                                                           iii.      Transfer from PayPal (as of today): $231.23

                                                           iv.      Total Balance $10,621.96

                                                             v.      Payments issued over $50

  1. $115.31 direct debit from Deluxe Business Systems –Highland Park Bank and Trust deposit slips 4 pack and a new check endorsement stamp
  2. Doug Purington – Publicity/Membership Report
    1. $860 given to Michael from new members (3), renewals (22)

                                                              i.      Good response via PayPal

                                                             ii.      77% renewal rate, which is up from May (51%)

                                                           iii.      48 members still need to be renewed

  1. Klairmont Project

                                                              i.      Last piece of the puzzle recently solved so good to go

                                                             ii.      Ground breaking should be this month

  1. Hub and Spoke

                                                              i.      Scheduled to open in early September, potential soft open in July or August

  1. Summer Newsletter

                                                              i.      Jeanne Vella has agreed to do the Summer Newsletter for a $150 stipend

                                                             ii.      Content due ASAP for estimated early August publication date

                                                           iii.      Current content topics…

  1. Katie Alland interviewing Derek Smith of Hub & Spoke (will be cover story)
  2. Jeff Stern interviewing Arthur Feldman
  3. Noah to provide upcoming Food Truck band schedule
  4. Jeanne please include small box of all new businesses that have opened (Ukulele shop, Dana Reed designs, Hub & Spoke, Alchemy and Cloth, etc.)
  5. Paul and Doug connecting with Elliott Miller
  6. Current condition of Jens Jensen Park
    1. MOTION (Jeff Stern), SECONDED (Ed Kugler), PASSED to finalize the letter and send to the Park District.  Add in a request to clean up and restore the fountain to working condition.
    2. Status on research into Ravinia Train Station benches
      1. No substantial update from the city; suggestion for 6-foot bench but cannot have metal legs
      2. Also, a mention (from Hal Malen) that the exterior benches are in bad shape
      3. Jeff S. continuing to work on this issue; Ed Kugler reaching out to carpenter friend
      4. Internet Voting
        1. Lively discussion regarding how we currently participate and vote on group issues
        2. Some believe 24 hours is not enough time to reply
        3. Mike S. will document how we call for an internet vote for discussion at last meeting
        4. Ravinia Brewing Company Noise Issues
          1. Meeting set for July 16th at 5pm at City Hall between neighbors, city and brew pub; Malens will report back to RNA after the meeting
          2. Suggestion to add decibel range to city code
          3. Noah – who books the bands for Ravinia Brew Pub – will also investigate decibel levels
          4. Food Truck Thursdays
            1. Ed Kugler will ask his brother if he is willing to donate 4 Sox or Cubs tickets to raffle away
            2. Benches/Receptacles – keep on the radar
              1. No plan current plan until TIF runs out in 2027
              2. Should we spearhead a fundraising effort (or public-private partnership) to help fund?
              3. Mike will bring 60% plan and invite Drew Awsumb to September meeting
              4. Other Business/Additional Comments or Concerns from Members and/or Residents
                1. Adjusted Summer Board Meetings to: July 9th ü and September 10th
                2. MOTION, SECONDED, PASSED that August meeting will be cancelled
                3. Katie Alland having a baby late October/early November.  Last meeting will be October before stepping down.  Board to source a replacement.
                4. Bumpy rail crossing at Roger Williams – Jeff Levin will write a letter to Metra/Union Pacific
                5. 9:01pm – Adjournment
                  1. Next Meeting: TUESDAY, September 10th, 2019 7pm, @ TBD location