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July 2018 RNA Board Meeting

Ravinia Neighbors Association

Minutes of Board Meeting held July 12, 2018

Those present at the meeting, held at Full Circle Architects, were Doug Purington, Dan Baigelman, Justin Kee, Jean Meier, Jeff Stern, Brett Tolpin and Ed Kugler. Absent were Mike Stroz, Amy Lohmolder, Michael Babian and Larry Dunlap. A quorum was present. Three community members were in attendance: Peg Laemle, Betsy Cerf and Francesca Kelly.

  1. In Secretary Larry Dunlap’s absence, Jean Meier took the minutes.
  2. President’s Report. Justin informed the Board that he will resume his presidential duties in August, those duties having been fulfilled by Mike Stroz, Vice President, for the months of June and July, due to Justin’s summer commitments.
  3. Doug Purington gave the Membership Report. There was some discussion of whether it is better to send out news to only those members current in their dues. Doug urged the Board to turn in names of potential candidates for Board membership by the end of July, so that they can be voted on in August. Francesca Kelly’s name was offered as a potential candidate by several Board members. Francesca said she would like to think about it more.
  4. Newsletter Report: The Board congratulated Jean Meier and Amy Lohmolder for their work on the Summer 2018 Newsletter, which was sent out earlier in the week. Jean thanked those contributors of content to the newsletter. Doug Purington proposed the next newsletter be issued in early October, with a tentative deadline of 8/31/2018 for the submission of ads.
  5. Fourth of July Parade Report: Doug Purington drove a van in the parade that had the RNA banner on one side and the Farmers’ Market banner on the other side. The Board appreciates his service and the efforts by Ed Kugler to make sure that RNA had a presence in the parade.
  6. Community Yard Sale Report: Francesca Kelly reported that the efforts to publicize the upcoming July 14-15 Community Yard Sale included the following:

6.1.       Several hundred flyers distributed to individual households, mostly by Francesca, but with additional help from Jean Meier and Andrea Knosek.

6.2.       A large laminated poster which appeared at the Farmers Market on Wednesdays and the Food Truck Thursday events on Thursday nights. Michael Babian displayed it in the storefront window of his insurance agency on the remaining days.  

6.3.       Doug assisted with publicity on the RNA website and the RNA facebook page.

6.4.       Andrea and Francesca posted the sale info on NextDoor HP and also added the information to several garage and estate sale email lists.

As a result, over 100 people have expressed interest and 20 people so far have agreed to participate. RNA stickers will be given to participants who are RNA members and they will be urged to include it on their signage. Expenses for these efforts total $245. She will provide receipts to the RNA treasurer, Michael Babian, as the Board voted last meeting to donate $100 to the cause. The large sign cost $95 and the printing of the fliers, plus other incidental expenses, added up to that total. Francesca will give a final report on the sale at the August Board meeting.

  1. Food Truck Thursday:  The Board discussed the difficulty of staffing the RNA tent at each of these events. Doug Purington has staffed it most frequently, many others have conflicting events or cannot stay the entire evening. Dan and Justin suggested making a Google calendar with which members can sign up to staff certain days and hours, rather than relying on emails going back and forth. Dan and Justin volunteered to create such a calendar. Another FTT issue is the fact that we need a place to store our tent and black equipment box and other items necessary for the FTT nights. Ed Kugler has often assisted with carting the items around, but we need a more convenient storage place. Brett offered to talk to Ravinia Brewing Company’s Kris Walker to see if he can provide storage space.
  2. Tent issue: There was some discussion on whether we need to buy a new tent, as discussed in earlier meetings, or just borrow Ed’s and put our banner on it. No resolution was reached.
  3. Meeting place issue:  Dan Baigelman announced that his office will not be available for RNA meetings after April 2019, as he will be moving his office to Chicago in May 2019.
  4. New Business

10.1.      Dan suggested that we hold a family event that would include CPR training, as a service   to the community. Several ideas were mentioned, such as talking to the HP Fire Department or HP Hospital. Jeff Stern said he would check with the Fire Chief.

10.2.      Carolyn Cerf and Michael Babian are involved in a project with the Art Center of Highland Park to put up a mural in the Ravinia area. The Art Center Executive Director, James Lynch, will make a presentation to us at our August meeting.

  1. Adjournment at 8:11 PM.