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July 2017 RNA Board Workshop


Ravinia Neighbors Association Board Workshop
Thursday, July 13, 2017

Mike Stroz called the meeting to order at 7:00 P.M. at Full Circle Architects

Present were Justin Kee, Mike Stroz, Dan Baigelman, Doug Purington, with Brett Tolpin as a guest

Since there was not a quorum, no votes were cast.

Justin proposed Brett Tolpin to join the RNA Board. Action: A vote will need to be taken by the Board, at the next meeting.

Discussed needing two additional Board Members, one who should be the Recording Secretary. Additionally Jeanne wants to resign as newsletter editor so we need to recruit someone for that role too. a. Action: Need to reach out to general membership, via an email blast and put blurb in newsletter too.

Polls: a. Board reaffirmed the philosophy of involving membership by doing polling. Suggestions to make it more effective (votes are need on all): i. Put links into the polls so as to educate membership before they vote. But not too many links. Or else may turn off or defer a member from taking the poll. ii. Do a poll at least six times a year. The more we do and involve the general membership, the more our response rate will go up as participating becomes a habit. iii. General poll topics and questions can be proposed by any member but rewriting of questions to keep them fair and balanced is at the discretion of the Board and all polls need approval by a majority of the Board. iv. However informational emails can be prepared and sent out by the President, VP or Communication Director without Board approval/ v. To reaffirm transparency, Board authorizes the release of metrics on each and all polls. All polls will be sent to all members and the Board will report of the answers in % (for example, %Yes, %No, % Undecided). We will also give out a response %. Raw numbers will not be given out, nor will comments.

New Business a. Propose sidewalk near Rosewood Beach i. There is a new City proposal to put a sidewalk east of Sheridan and north of Rosewood Beach. ii. Doug will send John Ropiequet’s letter to the Board and Mike S will speak with Ghida Neukirch. Letter is appended to this report. b. Unified platform to run membership i. Justin proposes moving the RNA to Nation Builder to more effectively and economically communicate and manage membership. ii. Right now RNA is using Constant Contact @ $45/mth, Survey Monkey @ $20/mth and website @ $20/mth. iii. Justin will prepare a justification and a plan to migrate to the new platform present at the next meeting. c. More recruitment necessary i. The efforts at the Wednesday Farmers’ Market and Food Truck Thursday’s have resulted in at least 24 new or renewed members to date. ii. But more members are needed, suggestions: 1. Need to more broadly define our geographical area, ie Braeside, Lincoln, Ravinia, and old Kennedy school areas. 2. May want to try a post card mailer 3. If we go to Nation Builder, this could give us a method to send email blast to those people in the selected areas. 4. Recruit parents via the Buzz Book. d. Historical Ravinia i. Will be at Ravinia and Braeside this fall 1. One in September & one in October 2. Lisa and Dan to provide info. at the next Board Meeting. e. Need new tent and graphics i. Both are well worn and do not show well ii. Dan to investigate costs f. Discussion about how to proceed on the Ravinia Festival Expansion i. Mike S reported on the Planning Board approval report. ii. Brett discussed how the lack of an impervious surface ratio could result in the West Lot being “improved” with little or no City Council involvement. iii. Mike S reported that Joel Fontana from the City staff will specifically discuss why this is not the case in a written statement to City Council. iv. We need to prepare a new poll for membership once this info is made public in late July or early August. v. Mike S reported and we discussed Ravinia Festival’s contribution to the RBDA TIF $10,000 for the public good. g. Discussion about how to proceed on lighting Green Bay Trail between Ravinia Festival and Ravinia Train Station. i. Dan and Mike will talk to Nick Pullia of Ravinia Festival about the potential improvements and Dan will present some conceptual ideas. ii. It was decided without a vote, to not ask RFA to put the $10,000 into this activity because on time constraints and because we should not link the two proposals. Please note, this initiative has no funding unless the RFA pays for it.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 P.M.