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January 2019 RNA Board Meeting

Ravinia Neighbors Association – Meeting Notes

Thursday, January 10th, 2019

  1. Attendance
    1. Board Member Attendees

                                                              i.      Mike Stroz - presiding

                                                             ii.      Doug Purington

                                                           iii.      Michael Babian

                                                           iv.      Ed Kugler

                                                             v.      Brett Tolpin

                                                           vi.      Dan Baigelman

                                                         vii.      Katie Alland

                                                       viii.      Jeff Levin

                                                           ix.      Phil Pace

  1. Absent Board Members – all absent were excused

                                                              i.      Justin Kee

                                                             ii.      Jeff Stern

                                                           iii.      Jean Meier

  1. 7:06pm – Quorum.  Call to Order.
  2. Mike S. – President’s Report
    1. Recapping 2018

                                                              i.      Ravinia Farmers Market synergy

                                                             ii.      Brewery position and resolution

                                                           iii.      Neighborhood garage sale inaugural year

                                                           iv.      However, membership has plateaued.  Gaining new members but not retaining old members. 

  1. Michael – Treasurer’s Report
    1. Activity

                                                              i.      $4,269.87 checking

                                                             ii.      $5,401.20 CD

                                                           iii.      $86.49 from Paypal to checking

                                                           iv.      Total of $9,757.56 in checking

  1. One payment issued for over $50 to Dan, reimbursing $130.25 for meeting supply receipts in Jun, Jul, Dec.
  2. Request from Brett: YoY comparison.  Michael will work on this.
  3. Doug – Publicity/Membership Update
    1. Membership

                                                              i.      One new member

                                                             ii.      Ravinia Brewing paid for 3 ads, monies given to Michael

                                                           iii.      Current members: 602 (legitimate paid members, 194)

                                                           iv.      Households: 385; Emails: 333

                                                             v.      Highland Park streets represented: 82

  1. Request for content for the front page of the website.  Suggestion for lighting project.  Doug calling Drew for photo and article options.
  2. Status of Al Klairmont’s Development – Has just about every approval from the city of Highland Park.  Likely to break ground in the spring.
  3. Status of Ravinia Brewing Company – Zuzu’s is now the permanent location for RBC.  Business is doing well, strong Facebook marketing, will have a fermenter onsite for brewing and a patio open in the spring.
  4. Status of Walgreens Ravinia – Property owners RS National Net Lease Group has the building up for sale for $5.2M, however Walgreens can stay in the building for at least 3 more years.
  5. Will have 9 vacancies along Roger Williams after the massage place opens
  6. Ed – Discussion on Ravinia Farmer’s Market
    1. Potential to continue Wednesday morning market, but also add a Thursday evening farmer’s market near Brown Park to coincide with Food Truck Thursdays.
    2. Survey –

                                                              i.      Motion to decide if the survey should be sent out to members via Survey Monkey.  Concerns:

  1. Is this considered supporting a business?  Most folks say no, more of a community support.
  2. Since Survey Monkey is used to ask about controversial issues, do we risk stepping out of character to ask folks about this?

                                                             ii.      Motion PASSED

                                                           iii.      Katie will email Ed with additional suggestions for the survey

                                                           iv.      Timeframe for sending out the survey is March/April

  1. Mike S. – Possible Civic Election Candidates Night Event at Ravinia School
    1. $500 fee plus cleaning fee.  Too high.  Mike to report back at February meeting.
    2. Kennedy Park issue

                                                              i.      Mike passed out schematics; 11,000 square feet (see page 3)

                                                             ii.      Modular could be up for as long as 25 years

                                                           iii.      Goal to be up and running by June 30th

                                                           iv.      RNA shared HP neighbors letter expressing negative feelings about park plans and got blowback on Facebook for “taking a stand.”  Mike wrote a letter to clarify that RNA had not yet taken a stance on the issue.

                                                             v.      Also issues over how it was handled quickly and quietly

                                                           vi.      Mike reported back from January 8th meeting

  1. Roughly 250 people in attendance
  2. 2/3 against

                                                         vii.      Mike will follow up with Zack to invite him to our February RNA meeting

  1. Other Business/Additional Topics
    1. Clavey Reconstruction – Delayed from Spring 2019 until the Spring of 2020
    2. TREK Bike Photo: Mike S. sending to Amy for incorporation into spring 2019 newsletter.
    3. Discussion early in the meeting around recruiting more members.  Should we open the opportunity for folks who are no longer in the area, but still have a connection and vested interest in the community?

                                                              i.      Doug has traditionally stuffed mailboxes in the area, reached out to new families in the area.

                                                             ii.      Highland Park Landmark has recent sales to pull from and send materials to

                                                           iii.      Need to brainstorm additional ways to recruit.

                                                           iv.      Request from Ed for a single-sided RNA handout to help for recruiting.  Potential to hand it out to local shops, Farmer’s Market, Food Truck Thursdays, etc.

  1. Items from Previous Meetings
    1. Brett: Ice skating rink as a winter event.  Hot chocolate + fire.  School District or Park District. 
    2. Dan: Historic Ravinia event in May.  Frank Lloyd Wright bike tour; 12 houses in Highland Park, 8 in Glencoe.  Potential monetary contribution by the RNA.  Promote as a Facebook event.
    3. Meeting Place – Full Circle Architects will be moving in end of March

                                                              i.      Michael to reach out to Design Quartet about starting to meet there beginning April 2019

  1. 9:02pm – Adjournment – Next Board Meeting: Thursday, February 7th, 2019