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January 2017 RNA Board Workshop


Ravinia Neighbors Association Board Workshop
January 5, 2017

Lisa Temkin called the meeting to order at 7:05 P.M. at Full Circle Architects

In Attendance were Lisa Temkin, Laura Saret, Dan Baigelman, Justin Kee, Doug Purington, Jeanne Vella, Jeff Stern, Davis Schneiderman, Carla Arnell, Amy Lohmolder, Betsey Cerf, Mary Seyfarth, Mike Stroz, Erica Weeder.

Minutes from the December 2016 meeting (corrected, final draft version) were approved.  

Treasurer’s Report:  was emailed in. Mike reports CD balance as $5,250.50. The Checking Account balance is $7,892.12 for a total balance of $13,142.62.

Mike inquired about getting a debit/credit card hooked up to our checking account. It would have the RNA name on it and Mike’s name below and take 2 weeks to obtain. The card would be used for the Constant Contact and website monthly payments. Mike indicated that that the card should only be used for co-president approved purchases with his oversight (not handed out for use) and that checks and bill pay would still be utilized for reimbursement purposes.

Motion:  Amy moved that Mike be authorized to obtain the debit/credit card to be used as proposed above. Laura seconded. Motion passed.

Membership and Website is being maintained by Doug. Nothing to report.

Dates for RNA meetings in 2017 should be confirmed and posted on website per Lisa. All agreed. Meeting dates for year will be  2/2,  3/2,  4/6,  5/4,  6/1,  7/6,  8/3,  9/7,  10/5, 11/2,  12/7.

Election Event was discussed. Amy suggested that RNA lead movement to get money out of Highland Park politics. Although many were in sympathy with the concept, Lisa raised the idea that there is already so much to focus upon in considering issues and candidates. It is hard to achieve (or enforce), particularly as the election season is already underway. Individual candidates can pledge a reduction in money spent, if they determine to do so on their own.  

March 2nd (next workshop meeting) was determined to be the best date for the event. In order to accommodate all races on a single evening, Doug suggested asking candidates to submit  answers to our questions which would be proposed in advance. We would then distribute written Q&A’s to attendees at the event.

Dan felt Ravinia school to be the best venue (general agreement). Lisa will look into availability with the school district. Mike Stroz will check into Ravinia Festival venues as possible backup. General consensus was that we could pay the $200 or so that  District 112 would charge.

Anticipating that there will be greatest interest in school elections, we will put these candidates in first half of program (starting at 7:00) break in the middle for meet and greet session, at which point attendees can get clarifications on candidate positions and come and go according to their schedule. (Attendees can come to either session, or both.) We will resume second half with city council and park district board candidates. The presentations in each half will consist of candidate introductions and brief “elevator speeches” as that is all for which time will allow.

Candidate position statements can also be posted on the website. All board members are encouraged to submit questions to Lisa. Lisa will send invites and questions out to candidates.

Doug will publicize.

Ravinia Business District Update:  The new owner of Shelton’s has apparently not decided on ultimate use of the space and may even rent it out.  

Dan presented his design for Ravinia business district benches with lighting incorporated  into decorative grill supports at  either end of benches. The benches would serve two functions: providing seating areas along the business district corridors and lighting along sidewalks in the business district. The metal patina may be reconsidered. Lighting levels (reflectors?) will be studied for not-too-hot wash of light. Dan reported that power for lighting could be supplied by simple exterior outlet at each business location (placement of bench). Lights could run on timer.

Motion: Doug moved that RNA endorse this design to be presented by Dan to the RBD-SA. Davis seconded. Motion passed.

Goals & Ideas for 2017:   + Updating Constant Contact (Doug)

                                           + Finding ways to facilitate payment for Facebook ads (PayPal or The Square)

                                           + Articulating guidelines for board terms and defining mechanism for removal ( i.e.: poor attendance)

                                          +  Preparation for city representatives at regular meetings (every other month) giving 2 week notice to membership and questions in advance to city
                                              representatives so that they are prepared and able to complete  report in approx.20 minutes. 

                                          + Clean up for Earth Day at each ravine bridge (Erica Weeder) to be held on Sunday April 23rd 

The May 5th Workshop was designated for further development.

Newsletter:  Jeannie reports no deadline for articles as yet but the goal is to mail out the spring issue in early April.  Jeannie will publicize Earth Day ravine clean up.  Other possible articles: H.P. election coverage, update Klairmont building, interview with Landmark Illinois regarding re-use of the school buildings to close in District 112. (Due to the resignation of Superintendent Bregy and vote of the board, specific closures are, as of now, undetermined.) Lisa related that St. Louis schools reused their abandoned school structures as affordable housing for teachers, and the article might include this case study. The openings of Witty’s and Ravinia Brewery are other possible articles.

Doug feels that some website content needs to be created specifically for the website rather than just reprinting newsletter material there. We might look for neighborhood groups to solicit for this material. Possible groups include: PTO and Ravinia school children (their events), boy scouts, HP Go Green group, which meets at Madame Zuzu’s. Others?  We might consider “network” approach to news (Face book) and spending money on advertisement.

Chairs for (occasionally larger) RNA meetings: Amy will email possibilities she found to board members for discussion at next meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 P.M.