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December 2017 RNA Board Meeting

1.       Notes from RNA board meeting December 7 , 2017, called to order at 7:03. Board members present: Mike Stroz, Doug Purington, Michael Babian, Brett Tolpin , Amy Lohmolder, Jeff Stern. Dan Baigelman, Justin Kee, and Jean Meir. A quorum was present.

2.       President Report:

2.1.    Justin is taking over the newsletter on a temporary basis. He is looking for content so Board members need to think about submitting articles for next newsletter.

2.2.    With schools closing their will be new boundaries, perhaps Lisa Hirsh could write something, Mike Stroz will approach, note: I was unsuccessful.

2.3.    Perhaps an article about the recent crime at the nail salon, and what to do if a situation like that arises.

3.       Treasurer’s report by Mike Babian:

3.1.    Account Balances:

3.1.1. Checking account $6386

3.1.2. CD $5298

3.1.3. Paypal $19 transferred into $19

3.1.4. Total $11,703

4.       Publicity/Membership/Business District Update from Doug:

4.1.    Membership

4.1.1.  One new member. Five renewals.

4.1.2.  Brought in $770 in ads and membership

4.2.    Newsletter

4.2.1.  Content is adequate. Three articles. Ed to write in Spring on the Farmer’s Market 40th Year.

4.2.2.  Ads – signed up 5 new ads for winter newsletter. Ravinia Brewery not participating as of now.

4.3.    Business update:

4.3.1. Whittey & Ravinia Brewing now plan on opening in early March.

4.3.2. Former cleaner, no new info. No one knows if taxes are being paid.              Remediation of cleaners: Is it complete? Doug to follow up.

4.3.3. Shelton’s, demo done but no action on any construction or sale.

4.3.4. Al Clairmont project at the old White Hen, contract to purchase parking is resolved so project should be moving forward.

4.4.    Mike S points out that the City personnel are no longer attending the RNA meeting.

4.4.1. A discussion occurs as to whether they should be re-invited, how often they should attend. A motion is made, seconded, a vote is started and then aborted. Justin directs Brett to liason with Rob. There will be four meetings starting in February. They will report first so their time in the meeting will be limited. We will determine and issues we wish discussed, two weeks before the meeting occurs.

4.4.2. Note: this has been done by Brett and Rob or a City personnel has agreed to attend in February.

5.       Holiday Party

5.1.    60’s Costumes requested

5.2.    Mike B requests volunteers to help set up.

5.3.    Mike B and Doug will get free food and beer with the remaining decorations and beverages to be bought.

5.4.    Justin gives Mike B carte blanc to organize and publicize the party.

5.5.    Jean make motion to spend up to $300 to fund the part. Amy seconds and the vote is unanimous to authorize the funding.

5.6.    The RNA thanks Jeff Cohen to host the party and pictures with Santa on the following Saturday.

6.       Discussion of RNA working with the Ravinia Farmer’s Market. Ed Kugler

6.1.    Ravinia Farmer’s Market needs to be sponsored by a non profit organization in order to get maximum support from City and RBDA. They won’t give the same support to a for profit organization. The City does not want to support two Farmer’s Markets but if both were run by nonprofits perhaps we could get some City support, especially in the way of banners, signs and printed material.

6.2.    Ed cannot attend Jan or Feb meeting.

6.3.    Jean will provide a written motion to authorize the RNA to become the sponsor and to empower Ed’s organization to run the market.

6.3.1. Her motion will roughly follow this proposal: RNA becomes the official sponsor of the Ravinia Farmer’s Market.              RNA fills out the paperwork and the name on the City Permit would be RNA.              RNA will authorize Ed Kugler to run the operation.  Ed would join the RNA Board.              Vendors would register to the RNA with Ed facilitating. Each vendor would give RNA the money and insurance info.              RNA would pay Ed and Ed’s company would be the operating partner. Currently the farmers and vendors pay approximately $195 for the season, in the past it was about $110. This amount is contemplated in the future or perhaps just a bit more.              Ed would like the RNA and other sponsors to create a cloth bag as a goodwill give away. This should be investigated.              It is proposed that the RNA attempt a trial of one year of being the non profit sponsor of the Ravinia Farmers’ Market.

6.4.    Ed will call the City as to a timeline for signage, Mike S will liaison with the City.

6.5.    Justin and Mike B will contact the attorney to ensure the arrangement with Ed is proper.

6.5.1. A vote on this is expected at the Dec 7th Meeting

7.       Other Business

7.1.    Brett brings up the procedural questions of:

7.1.1. When do we vote?

7.1.2. When do we poll?

7.1.3. When do we just have a discussion?

7.1.4. Brett, Justin and Mike will meet as a subcommittee and report back.

7.2.    Dan reports back on impromptu discussions with Ravinia Festival Marketing group.

7.2.1. They are in favor of more synergy and are in favor of lightening the Green Bay Trail.

7.3.    Jeff Stern asks if we want to get involved with the Lincoln School future.

8.       Adjournment at 8:37 PM.