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April 2018 RNA Board Meeting

Ravinia Neighbors Association

Minutes of Board Meeting held April 12, 2018

  1. The meeting, held at Full Circle Architects, was called to order at 7:00 PM. Board members present: Mike Stroz, Doug Purington, Michael Babian, Amy Lohmolder, Dan Baigelman, Justin Kee, Jean Meier, Brett Tolpin and Ed Kugler. Jeff Stern had previously advised the board he could not attend and was absent.  A quorum was present. Eight community members were in attendance. Stan Miller, Peggy Miller, Larry Dunlap, Earl Slavin, Peggy Laemle Laura Saret, Kris Walker and Phylis Bagan.
  2. President’s Report by Justin Kee:

2.1.    Justin reported on the Ravinia Festival and Ravinia Brewing trademark dispute

2.1.1.He has spoken to at least 150 people and almost all are a negative on the RFA stance

2.1.2.City not getting this done and frankly sowing disinformation, re the misleading news article. Doug points out he had this corrected, but Justin feels the damage was already done.

2.1.3.He urges members to lobby City official to get things moving and he wants board members to spread the word to other citizens to contact City Hall and Council.

4.b. RFA vs RBC – Can we exert any more meaningful pressure?

4.b.1. In light of the President Report, the discussion is moved forward. Doug states that he has sent a personal letter with the premise of if the City is not involved, the Business District will fail to develop. RBC and RFA is a business dispute but City needs to be involved for the good of all.

4.b.2. Kris Walker reports that RFA & RBC has not come to an agreement and is far from a resolution. Doug asks what’s the risk? Kris replies that there is too much of a risk to open without an agreement. Brett further states that RFA can make things very expensive to RBC. It’s hard to build a business when you are fighting a bully and its likely that several different lawsuits will entail.

4.b.3. Amy asks who owns Green Bay Trail in front of the Festival, the answer from Larry Dunlap is that the RFA has a nonexclusive usage.

4.b.4. Brett states that the RNA has been awesome. RBC owners very appreciative. Got everyone involved very quickly and 23000 Facebook views is really something. But RFA and RBC had a conference that did not result in any meaningful movement. There will be no resolution in the near term.

4.b.3. So what more can be done? Peggy Miller suggests that we should have a silent protest in front of the shuttered RBC building during the Arbor Day event since City officials will be in attendance. Mike S agrees that it could be effective but that a group of local residents should organize it and then the RNA could publicize it. Jean suggests a march but concerns over permits and the fact that they would not be authorized quickly stop this idea. A group of three agree to work on it independently (Peggy, Mike S and Doug) and report back to Kris.

  1.  Treasurer’s Report by Michael Babian:

3.1.    RNA Treasurers Report 4/12/18

3.1.1.Checking Balance $4661.59

3.1.2.CD Balance $5318.66

3.1.3.Transferred from PayPal today $130.18

3.1.4.Total balance as of today $10,110.43

3.2.    Below are the items issued over $50 which were already approved by the board and or president.

3.2.1.$187.00 - Reimburse Doug 3 X $50 Facebook boost and $37 survey monkey fee.

3.2.2.$96.00 - Annual Post Office PO Box renewal.

3.2.3.$980.00 - Newsletter cost to Kens Quick Print

3.2.4.$309.76 – Reimburse Doug postage cost for mailing newsletters

3.2.5.$334.67 – Reimburse Carolyn Cerf for final billing and closing constant contact account

  1. Publicity/Business/Membership Report by Doug Purington:

4.1.    Publicity:

4.1.1.Clean the Ravine              Scheduled April 14 10-12:30, April 15 rain Date              Note this was cancelled due to inclement weather on that weekend. We are attempting to reschedule with the City’s help.              Website – need to renew for another two years.                    Nation Builder may not be able to be used due to cost increases.                    Constant Contact finally cancelled.                    Now using Survey Monkey which Doug subscribed to is being used but we may need to renew. $37/mth for upto 1000 contacts.

4.2.    Membership:

4.2.1.Four new members and one membership renewal, plus a $50 donation from Ed Kugler.

4.2.2. There are 599 members (not all current).

4.2.3.This includes City officials and get email blast

4.2.4. May 1 will start renewal campaign.

4.3.    Businesses

4.3.1. 481 Roger Williams – Chiropractor is proposed but the plan and design commission was sending to City Council.

4.3.2.Al Klairmont’s project also in Planning and Review, expect Permits soon.

  1. Newsletter – Thanks to Justin, for Spring Newsletter but not possible to do it in Summer.

5.1.     In anticipation of new newsletter editor Doug spoke with Jeanne on being editor for a fee of $25/page or about $400 per edition.

5.2.     However, Jean and Amy will be the joint editor for the Summer edition

5.3.    How do we get content?

5.3.1.High School students? No – Mike S has already had conversations with HP HS principal and she found no interest.

5.3.2.Doug states that Nick Pulia is willing to submit articles from Ravinia Festival. Sense of the Board is that it does not have a problem with that as long as RNA has editorial control.

5.3.3.Attendee, Larry Dunlap volunteers his articles which has historical content.

5.3.4.May 31 is deadline for content.

5.3.5.Doug asks for a volunteer for Arbor Day coverage. Brett agrees to take a picture or two and write three paragraphs for the newsletter.

  1. Update on Marketing Endeavors (Logo) – Dan Baigleman

6.1.    Logo. In the last meeting the Board instructed Dan to tweak Logo 2. Since then some objections have cropped. A discussion on the proposed new logo.

6.1.1. Amy objects to the new logo. She has problems with the stylized divide of a ravine. She feels it represents a divide neighborhood.

6.1.2.She is also uncomfortable with no trees, the fonts, the stylized train. She states, It’s corporate looking.

6.1.3.Mike B points out that neither of our existing logos features trees and that the new logo does have stylized trains.

6.1.4.Dan states that the old logos just don’t translate well and the new proposed logo does, both in print and electronically.

6.1.5.Amy and Jean feel we are moving too fast, but Mike S asks are we? The old logo has been in use for a long time and now with a new tent and Shopping Bags, we need a refresh.

6.1.6. Justin suggest that its time to decide, if the new logo is not well liked, we can move to another one in two to five years. He also thanks Dan for his efforts.

6.1.7.Justin moves that we adopt Dan’s proposed logo, Option 2, Mike S seconds.

6.1.8.Vote: Yes – Mike S, Mike B, Brett, Doug, Dan, Justin. No – Amy and Jean.

6.1.9. Motion to create and use a new Logo is approved.

  1. Update on Ravinia Farmer’s Market Projects– Ed Kugler

7.1.    Tents

7.1.1.Ed has sourced tents with 4 imprints. The heavier ones are $800 to $1000 for a 10 year warranty tent.

7.1.2.Mike S objects to the cost and will by May 1 have quotes on a tent with a logo printed on it or attached to it.

7.2.    Bags

7.2.1.Trying to decide on smaller or larger

7.2.2.Leadtime is 8 to 12 weeks. Quick Leadtime of 2 weeks is more expensive for the same quantity of bags.

7.2.3.Still trying to decide if the bags are one color or full color. RNA logo is one color.

7.3.    Ed will try and involve local Ravinia merchants into the Farmer Market.

7.4.    Ed will give Doug a complete list of the Farmers’ Market vendors

7.5.    Arbor Day Event – Sense of the Board that we should participate.

7.5.1. Volunteers – Jean will open and get the tent and box from Dan, Doug 10-12 with Nike B closing at 1:00.

  1. Other Business

8.1.     New Secretary nomination

8.1.1.We are lacking a recording secretary. Resident Larry Dunlap volunteers to take on that role.

8.1.2.Jean make motion to have Larry Dunlop on the Board as Recording Secretary. Justin seconds. Unanimous vote in favor. Motion to accept Larry Dunlop on the Board is approved.

8.1.3.Doug requests that Larry provide a photo for the website.

8.2.    Peggy Laemle, resident wants local merchants to incent local residents attending the Food Truck Thursdays to bike to the events. The RNA can promote but further discussions and ideas are needed.

  1. Adjournment at 9:05.