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April 2015 RNA Board Meeting


Ravinia Neighbors Association General Meeting
Thursday, April 2, 2015

The meeting was called to order by Carolyn Cerf at 7:01 p.m. in the Full Circle Architect's office at 737 St. Johns Avenue.

In attendance, besides Cerf, were Mike Babian, Ray DeLong, Doug Purington, Jeff Stern and Lisa Temkin. Also present were host Dan Baigelman and neighborhood resident Josh Nanus.

In her President's Report, Carolyn Cerf commented that Lisa Temkin and Amy Lohmolder had expressed concern over the high number of emails sent among Board members between meetings, and suggested it was up to each individual to decide whether to "Reply All" to emails sent to the group. For votes taken via email, however, "Reply All" would still be needed.

Cerf asked for approval to order decals for display in windows of homes and/or businesses signifying membership in RNA and urging viewers to join. She said the estimated $358.60 cost of the decals would be about the same as that of postage associated with mailings for a Block Bash or similar special event. Copies of the decal design were distributed, and, with Doug Purington seconding her motion, the purchase was approved. After further discussion, it was decided that the static-cling-style decals would be offered to RNA members who requested them after being advised of their availability in email messages sent by Purington during his campaign for membership renewals.

For what she considered an appropriate demonstration of RNA's commitment to the city's historic preservation efforts, Cerf recommended the donation of $150 for an inscribed brick to be installed on the walkway to the Stupey Cabin to help fund the Historical Society's restoration of the community's oldest structure. Her move to pay for an RNA-inscribed brick, seconded by Lisa Temkin, was approved.

Cerf then discussed the annual election for board officers, and handed out an instruction sheet outlining dates and procedures to be followed in the process. She said Purington will begin conducting the elections process later this month.

In his Membership/Publicity/Website Report, Purington said $781 had been received for five new ads in the upcoming Newsletter, and that seven other ads were also scheduled to be included. He said there had been no change in membership since the February meeting, when $4,483 had been taken in. He also spoke about his intention to update the slide show on the RNA Website.

Regarding the RNA Newsletter, Ray DeLong said the Spring Edition would be ready for the printer in a few days. After some discussion it was decided that 500 copies would be needed for mailings and for distribution at various events and at the Metra Station kiosk. DeLong called for help in updating the mailing process, and Josh Nanus offered to put the mailing list on an Excel spread sheet. When the issue of color was discussed, it was determined the cost would be a third to a half greater than traditional printing, and approval was given to proceed as usual.

In his Treasurer's Report Mike Babian said RNA had $5,231.09 in its CD and $6,573.79 in its checking account. Babian also said he was working on obtaining 501 c3 status for RNA, and that he had already secured from the state RNA's recertification as a non-profit organization.

In the absence of Amy Lohmolder, Lisa Temkin reported on issues regarding District 112's plans to consolidate elementary schools. Temkin said the Historic Preservation Commission, of which she is a member, was prepared to provide the School Board with data regarding the historical significance of schools the district was considering closing, but that it was unlikely to be asked until after new members are brought on to the board following the April 7 municipal elections. She said all grade schools in the district were in areas zoned for school or residential use. She also said the district hadn't yet appraised any of the schools to determine their value.

Cerf said that while she would not want RNA associated with more extreme groups that have been criticizing the District's proposals, she was considering writing a letter to the 112 Board outlining RNA's concerns about how closing Ravinia School might affect the community and its appeal to prospective home-buying families. It was determined that RNA needed to get more input from its members before making a decision on how to address the issue.

In the absence of Eve Tarm, Dan Baigelman presented a Business District Report. He said April 16 would be the first of 8 to 10 Thursdays on which several businesses had agreed to stay open from 5 until 8 p.m. to attract more attention from area residents. He also suggested that Ilyse Bombicino, who was supposed to be working with Carolyn Hersch to help the Ravinia Business District Alliance promote the district, had not been actively engaged in that effort.

Baigelman said he had met with the Historical Society to plan an historical event, which might include a house walk through Ravinia, a tour of the Ravinia Festival grounds and possibly an antique auto show similar to what the Society had presented. He said that RNA should consider sponsoring the auto show portion of the event. Temkin said a Model A Club in Northbrook might participate for free. She also estimated it would cost between $650 and $800 for a trolley-style bus to drop off and pick up visitors at locations that might be included within the Ravinia area from 1 to 4 p.m. on a weekend afternoon, and that she was willing to look for sponsors.

After some further discussion about the event, Cerf adjourned the meeting at 9:10 p.m.